Stutter Freedom

WARNING: Before reading on I have to disclose based on my personal findings this has worked for a specific type of stutter. This is for people who can speak 100% freely in their own presence out loud. As in, if you are alone you can fluently speak out loud.

Why Stutter Happens


Having a stutter is an incredibly difficult impediment to live with. I know because I myself have lived with a stutter my whole life. But thankfully have taken the time to understand the root causes of my stutter so I can evolve and communicate more freely.

Humans by nature are very communicative creatures, it is one of the many reasons we evolved so quickly. So you may be asking yourself, so why do I have this impediment that makes my communication so limited?

Well there are a lot of theories as to why you stutter and I have studied almost all of them. And unfortunately, most of them although very descript, are not very practical.

Here’s just a few:

  • Genetic factors
  • Emotions and our environment
  • Acquired stuttering
  • Poor language development

Feel free to look into these in more depth, but in my experience it has not been too helpful.

After years and years of searching I was defeated, and I am sure at some stage along your stutter journey you have felt like this.

But I was not going to take “it is what it is” as an answer.

So kept digging deeper and deeper until I found a glimmer of hope.

And once I started looking in the right places, more hope was found, and more, and more.

I literally met hundreds of people who HAD stutters and could now speak freely. And sure if you listened really closely and knew they used to have a stutter you may be able to pick it, but to the average person.

It was gone.

What I am about to share with you is one of most useful models to help people understand their stutter.

However, it’s simplicity can sometimes make people sceptical to the level of impact it can have in your life, and the level of impact it has already had in many people’s lives.

The No Stutter Model

Let Me Explain

Each of these circles is a large contributor as to why you stutter.

When you have all 3 of them, the likelihood of you stuttering is very high.

For most people who stutter, the best they can do is remove 2/3 of the circles as they have some environmental or genetic predisposition to stutter.

But that is fine.

As soon as you even remove 1, your stutter will be relieved, once you remove 2, people will hardly notice you stutter.

Let me give you an example.

Have you ever felt like everything was going your way one day. Everything is going right that day, luck is just on your side. You start talking and where you usually would stutter you say that word perfectly.

And in your head, you’re like – what? how did that happen?

That’s the recent success circle. I bet this has happened to you, but you had no idea why.

And although it was a fluke then, there is a way you can engineer this to happen every single day.

How nice would that be?

Now before we keep going and I show you more, I just want you to take a moment to think about someone you know who doesn’t stutter usually, but has at some point. Think about that time a little closer, and just think in that moment were they affected by either the no recent success circle or the low self esteem circle? If yes, then you can see how even when someone has no predisposition for stuttering they can based on this model.

Now back to you, keep reading and I will walk you through how you can engineer a perfect day.

Engineering a Recent Success every day

Every single day has challenges for you. Every single challenge you win, that’s a point to you. Every single challenge you lose, that’s a point you lose. Although it’s not real, your subconscious is taking a tally of these wins and losses.

When you stutter, our subconscious brain is not on our side. At least, it didn’t use to be.

Now at the end of the day, your brain can be trained. Much like an athlete. But also like an athlete, we can’t be the best at everything, we need to niche down and focus on one thing.

Your brain also can’t keep score of every game.

At this point in time, your brains favourite game to keep score of is your speech, because you focus on it so much (don’t worry, I used to be identical).

However, it is time to stop paying that game.

I like to call this technique do the impossible elsewhere.


What is that?

This technique consists of being so great at something else that doesn’t require speech so that your brain starts giving you more points, secondly, people are going to be impressed with you.


Firstly, when you are getting great at something it is very easy to have a lot of recent successes. Internal wins that make you feel great. It also makes people realise you are really great at something, rather than judging you by how you speak. Lastly, it naturally builds your self esteem. And once your self esteem is higher, it’s time to really challenge yourself.


Personally I did this through my health and fitness. I refined my diet a ton, and I did many health and fitness things that almost nobody could do. It started really simple by doing intermittent fasting. Then I started running daily just 1km. But with enough discipline and focus it lead to a point where I can now do a one arm push up, run 10 km’s and handstand walk a football field. And everytime I got a little better, I felt great, which was almost daily.

And you can do the same too. 

Here’s a few other areas you can great to without speaking at all and just feeling amazing as you improve.

  • Cooking/baking
  • Coding/web development
  • Model building
  • Music/playing an instrument
  • Hiking/outdoor adventures
  • Art
  • Skating

The other thing I love about this way of doing things is that there are massive communities here that are willing to help anyone, and as you get better you build a really supportive friend group that loves what you love.

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    Defeating low self esteem

    Now people always say that this would be impossible. But after seeing it time and time again I can say it is possible.

    But it was also deemed impossible to run 100m in 9.58s – but Usain Bolt did it?

    Ultra athletes do the impossible everyday – records get beaten all the time.

    But let’s be honest to get there they have to be comfortable doing the uncomfortable, not something many are willing to do.

    But do you think someone who can say they have run 100m in 9.58s would ever feel uncomfortable about what they have achieved or have any self esteem issues there?


    And although you don’t want to – you too can push yourself to do the impossible within your own struggles.

    Now, I wouldn’t recommend these until you have a heap of wins under your belt and you’re feeling good.

    Also, now that you have joined a community of like minded people, realistically it shouldn’t be that uncomfortable.

    But it’s time to start ramping up how much you talk and get comfortable being uncomfortable and see that it doesn’t matter.

    The best time to fail and put your flaws on your sleeve is when you are people who respect you for you.

    So here is the second part to this…

    Accepting your stutter

    Going off on a little tangent here.

    I recommend everyone watches the movie ‘8 mile’ – the one about Eminem (the rapper).

    Or at least the last scene here –

    I think this sums it up perfectly.

    If you wear your flaws on your sleeve, it gives people no room to talk bad things behind your back, or even in front of you.

    People can either understand that you have accepted it or move on.

    And the best part is rather than hiding it. 

    We can speak proudly, and in doing so makes us feel better to the point where you have removed 2/3 circles.

    Removing 2/3 circles is enough to speak so clearly you can do anything you want.



    There are many ways to overcome your stutter, this is just one of many that logically allows you to attack your fluency.

    It will take time and hard work, but something worth doing it worth doing right.

    All the best and if you want more useful content drop your email below.

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